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Dr K.L Murthy Yadav B.D.S & M.D.S In periodontics. from osmania medical college(Govt Dental College) Hyderabad, Telangana. Specialization in Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Super Specialization in Master Of Dental Surgery in Periodontic Implant Dentistry.

Working as Professor and Head of the Department, department of periodontics in Rupeted Dental college & as a Clinical Practioner in Vanaja Dental Hospital Chanda Nager

Vanaja dental hospital established in 7th march 2004. Since 2004 we are treated about 20,000 Dental, oral and maxillo facial cases which includes.

Our Treatments

  1. Cosmotic Dental treatment.
  2. Root canal treatment.
  3. Laser root canal treatment.
  4. Smile designing Cases.
  5. Orthodontic Cases.
  6. Ortho gnathic surgeries.
  7. Periodental flap surgeries.
  8. Laser flap surgery cases.
  9. Gingival depigmention.
  10. Fixed partial denture.
    1. Metal ceramic crown.
    2. Zirconium crown.
    3. All ceramic crowns.
    4. Partial veneers
  11. Rapid maxillary expansion.
  12. Facial fractures.
  13. Post-core treatment.
  14. Implants (various kind of dental implants.)
  15. Implant supported denture.
  16. All-on-4 dental implant.
  17. Surgical Removal of impacted 3rd molar (wisdom) etc